What it Takes to Build a RWD VW Golf

Ajouté le 10 juil. 2020

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VW is known for making some iconic cars like the Beetle, Passat, Jetta, Polo, and Scirocco. But what most of VW models have in common is that they are FWD (front-wheel-drive). So what exactly does it take to convert a FWD VW Golf into a RWD (rear-wheel-drive) drift machine? Mike Day had a pretty good idea, he pulled the motor out of a BMW and then set off to figuring out exactly how’d he make that powerplant work in the VW Golf … the final result is pretty insane! We are going front bash bar to rear wheel driven Golf on Mike Day’s MKIII Volkswagen Golf.


Titre de l'épisodeWhat it Takes to Build a RWD VW Golf
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Date added10 juillet 2020
Original date31 décembre 2019
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