The Incredible Tech that DOOMED the 300ZX

Ajouté le 9 juil. 2020

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The Nissan 300ZX is one of the most beloved sports cars to come out of Japan. We didn’t get the Nissan Skyline GTR in the USA, but we did get the next best thing. A sleek, stylishing, twin turbo powered ringer packed with a ton of features that were ahead of its time. It was one of the first cars designed on a Supercomputer running CAD software! Not only were the looks advanced, under that pretty exterior it had the goods to back it up. With electronic 4 wheel steering, Variable Timing control (VTC), headlights that were the first of its kind, the Fairlady Z set the stage for the future of modern sports cars. Today we are going to look at Nissan’s flagship car in the States and some of the tech used in the Z that give it some current day character “flaws”.


Titre de l'épisodeThe Incredible Tech that DOOMED the 300ZX
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