Nissan VQ Engine - The Science Explained

Ajouté le 15 juil. 2020

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Just like the Chevy LS1, the Nissan VQ engine is a cheap, reliable way to make a bunch of power. This engine is also extremely versatile, which is why it’s found in a bunch of different Nissan models. It’s one of the reasons we bought two identical 350zs a while ago. You can tune ‘em, hoon ‘em, and boom them - and nothing matters, such is life. Now there are various VQ models but we're gonna focus on the VQ35HR, or “High Rev” cuz it’s the creme de la creme of VQs. This updated version of the VQ35DE is almost completely redesigned, with 80% of the internals being strengthened and reconfigured to handle a higher rev range. Other iconic engines like the 2JZ or RB26 might be able to handle more power and more compression, but the VQ35HR holds a little baby secret: it’s lighter than all of them. It's time for some B2B Engineering on the Nissan VQ.


Titre de l'épisodeNissan VQ Engine - The Science Explained
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