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Ajouté le 23 juin 2020

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ECLIPSE. The most underrated tuner car of all time. Responsible for setting off the US tuner scene and immortalized by The Fast and The Furious franchise, the Eclipse has seen it all. See how it all began with James Pumphrey; as he explains the origins behind the DSM name, the partnership with Chrysler that gave rise to the Eclipse, and it’s influence on car culture as a whole.

“I see a cold air intake, it’s got a NOS fogger system, the T4 turbo Dominic, I see an AIC controller, it has direct port nitrous injection…” “Yeah and a stand alone fuel management system...not a bad way to spend ten thousand dollars”


Titre de l'épisodeMitsubishi Eclipse - Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed
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Date added23 juin 2020
Original date15 mars 2018
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