How the Media Killed this Incredible Supercar

Ajouté le 9 juil. 2020

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The ’80s gave us some of the most iconic supercars like the Ferrari Testarossa, the Lamborghini Countach, and the C4 Corvette. But there is one car that absolutely dominated on track, it had the makings of a legend, yet barely anyone knows or talks about it. This is the story of a car built by an economist, sold at a mall, and hated by the press. The media had their sights dead set on making sure the Consulier GTP was not to be liked by the public. Yet Warren Mosler never gave up, he even used Elon Musk tactics before Elon! He took a sledgehammer to his very own Consulier GTP… trust us when we say this is a crazy car.


Titre de l'épisodeHow the Media Killed this Incredible Supercar
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