How a STOCK Ford Raptor Can Survive Baja

Ajouté le 20 août 2020

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When Ford released the Raptor back in 2010, it was in a class of its own. There was nothing like it, and to this day (the TRX isn’t out yet), holds the crown for the ultimate production off road pickup. And that’s because Ford went about building and testing this prehistoric 4 wheeler in one of the toughest terrains in the world. The Baja 1000 is one of the most extreme off-road races on the planet, pushing your machine to it’s limit. So how is the Raptor capable of tackling such extreme terrain with limited modifications? And why does Ford let you buy one of these? And why do they give you a full factory warranty as well!? Today we are going to look at both versions of Baja tested Raptor - the SVT Raptor R, and the Ford Raptor Race truck!


Titre de l'épisodeHow a STOCK Ford Raptor Can Survive Baja
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