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Ajouté le 24 juil. 2020

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Did you know that the Ford Probe, was ALMOST a next generation mustang? Or that Mazda helped Ford, to mastermind the design of the Probe? Whether you answered yes or no, the Ford Probe and Probe GT, has a juicy history of pissing off Mustang fan boys, and thanks to Mimi Vanderholen, winning the hearts of 90's women and families across the US. Slated to compete with the Japanese domestic market cars of the time, and to compete in the Nascar dash series--it soon became clear, that this midsize passenger sedan, could keep up with the competition. So sit back, relax, and join James Pumphrey as he walks us through the tale of the failed Ford Mus... I mean, Ford Probe.


Titre de l'épisodeFORD PROBE - Ford’s FAILED Mustang Replacement | Up To Speed
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Date added24 juillet 2020
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