C8 Corvette - The Science EXPLAINED

Ajouté le 10 juil. 2020

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Throughout the Chevrolet C8 Corvette’s release all the hype has circled around one major buzzword...mid engine. That’s sorta old news but more recently, there’s also been talks and leaked footage regarding the upcoming C8 Z06 using another very “european” technology, and that's a “flat plane crank'' engine. That’s really cool, so today I wanna take a look at the C8 and first, explain why mid engine is, well, better. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘weight distribution’ -yes, but there’s more science to it. And THEN, we’ll dive into the difference between a normal “cross plane crankshaft” and a flat plane crank -and why the Corvette’s move from one to the other- is a pretty big deal. It took them over 60 years to pull the trigger on this technology - let’s find out why!


Titre de l'épisodeC8 Corvette - The Science EXPLAINED
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