$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

Ajouté le 31 août 2020



Can cheap swag flex on expensive swag??? We’ve compared coilovers, brakes, wheels, tires, seats, turbo kits! And now we’re adding some mods that aren’t necessarily improving the car’s PERFORMANCE. BUT when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you drive good. At least that is what we're hoping. Today we are installing the MOST IMPORTANT part of any build, especially a performance build! We are talking lights, the type that make cars look hard. Hi Car is getting some crazy LED tail lights, some XK Glow RGB LED headlights, and underglow that they can control with their phone. Low car is getting some certified eBay garbage headlights, tail lights, and some ridiculously cheap underglows. And that’s it! We’ll see how nicely all of this stuff installs, and how it looks. THEN, we’ll hit the streets and get the publics’ opinion. Can the cheap stuff flex as hard as the expensive parts?


Titre de l'épisode$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit
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Date added31 août 2020
Original date30 août 2020
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