Chasing 5 McLaren P1s in My Dream Classic Car! | Mercedes 300SL Roadster Test Drive

Ajouté le 17 août 2021

Classic Car Test Drives


It's not every day you find a convoy of five McLaren P1s, let alone when you're driving the iconic Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster! It is without doubt my dream classic car, so what an amazing experience to drive this legendary car for car spotting at Pebble Beach!

I have once previously enjoyed a very short drive in a 300SL Roadster, however spent a significant amount of time in the 300SL Gullwing and there are numerous differences between the two. This particular 1957 Roadster comes from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre in Irvine, CA and happens to currently be for sale, having been a one owner car from new, retaining the original blue leather interior on silver paintwork and featuring the 240hp engine.

As we set off from the Mercedes base at Pebble Beach, the immediate destination is to head towards the famous 17 Mile Drive for a car spotting run where almost instantly things get pretty busy. From an Aventador SVJ right out the locks, to a 458 Speciale moments later, and then both a Mercedes SLR McLaren by FAB Design and another Aventador shortly after. From there the fun only gets better seeing the Bussink Speed Legend, a convoy of an Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari 812 Superfast and F12 Berlinetta to even another SLR.

To top it off, even a McLaren Senna GTR makes an appearance! In short, dream days don't really come better! Why don't I, therefore, own a classic car in my collection? The answer to that comes in the video.


Titre de l'épisodeChasing 5 McLaren P1s in My Dream Classic Car! | Mercedes 300SL Roadster Test Drive
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