Bugatti 57SC Gangloff Cabriolet

Ajouté le 22 avr. 2020

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One of just three examples made in period, this Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic was ordered by Frenchman, Mr Philippe Levy, in this wonderfully art deco-appropriate colour scheme. Levy commissioned a one-off body for the 57SC from the fabled Swiss/French coachbuilder Gangloff, whose premises was located in Colmar, near to Bugatti’s Molsheim manufacture. With a top speed of 125 miles per hour, Bugattis of the 1930s were not just some of the most enigmatic and exclusive cars available, but also some of the fastest. Truly the ‘supercars’ of their day, epitomising the glories of the age, Ettore Bugatti’s creations are now rightly some of the most sought after classics of all time.


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