Episode 1: £500 Bike Challenge

Ajouté le 11 oct. 2021

Motorbike TV


In the first episode we have part one of the Motorcycle Olympics where each presenter has £500 to spend on a Motorbike and complete a range of tasks, if they can even get them started. Graham tests the Livewire, an electric bike from Harley Davison and who better to join him then the man who has ridden more mile on one then anyone else in the world, Charley Boorman. To finish off the episodes Bruce get’s his hands on the MV Agusta Rush and falls in love with the sound.


SaisonSeason 1
Titre de l'épisodeEpisode 1: £500 Bike Challenge
Episode numéro1
Date added11 octobre 2021
CatégorieFeature magazine

Adventure\Bike Television

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