Episode 1: BMW R1250 GS

Ajouté le 20 août 2021

Adventure Bike


Adventure Bike TV heads to Belgium to see if you can have a great adventure in a country people normally pass through on the way to somewhere else. Graham rides a host of new motorcycles and Sam joins the team to look at some of the older motorcycles.

Graham gets his first look at the new BMW R1250 GS and explains how the new shiftcam works. – Graham, Sam and Tom head Belgium for Part 1 of a trip, first things first, they need to find their bikes – Sam gets on a old school BMW R100 GS to see how this legendry older bike measures up.


SaisonSeason 6
Titre de l'épisodeEpisode 1: BMW R1250 GS
Episode numéro1
Date added20 août 2021
Original date20 décembre 2018
CatégorieFeature magazine

Adventure\Bike Television

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